This is  a Teambuilding Activity not a football pool. does not condone gambling of any type.   

Each week participants will try to pick the winner of each game being played.  No point spreads will be used.  All games will be picked on a straight win/loss basis and one point will be awarded for each correct pick.  If a game ends in a tie, no point will be given for that game, regardless of the team that was picked.  After all games have been played , the participant who has the most points will be the winner for that week.  The participant with the fewest points will be dubbed "The Ultimate Loser" and earn a free entry in the following weeks activity.

In the event that two or more participants have the same number of points after all games have been played for the week, their guess for "Total Points" will be used as a tie breaker.  When filling out their entry forms, each participant will enter a guess at the total combined points that will be scored in the Monday night game.  The participant who comes closest without going over will receive one bonus point.   If all tied participants guesses are over, then the point will go to whoever is closest. Finally, if there is a tie on the tie-breaker, the win will be split evenly between the tied participants.  (Wow, that was a mouthful!)

All forms must be received no later than 1 hour prior to the start of the first game each week to be accepted.  The site will be shutdown at that time preventing any further picks.  All entries for the week will be posted on the 'Weekly Summary' page immediately after the submission deadline no later than the start time of the first game.

The standard site fee of $5.00 per week will be used again this year.  All participants are responsible for paying their site fees on time and without having to be chased down.

One new rule this year;  The commissioner will get one free entry each week.  This is to offset the increased costs of hosting the site along with the many hours of time dedicated to keep the teambuilder going.  If you have any concerns over this, please feel free to e-mail me at "".  Be sure to include your username and e-mail so I can block you from any future participation.